...still striking

I’m on strike! I could use some pointers from the AFL-CIO. Where do I go after the initial demand? Do I negotiate at this avenue? Is there an easier way to make a valid point—aside from a walk-out?

Are there better alternatives than scrawling my complaints and demands in spray paint across the picket fence out front?

That was the big complaint! The bed wasn’t made. The second biggest was that I don’t empathize. Eighty percent of the time, the bed’s not made and 100% of the time I can't empathize, so what’s new about that? I don’t understand the problem!

At this juncture, there is no hope for shorter hours, less overtime, more sick leave and vacation pay, and I’ve had my fill of being the sole unskilled laborer on the payroll! We’ve reached an impasse and I’m done bargaining!

I can't negotiate the paycheck, what paycheck? It’s all non-negotiable, so it’s a walkout. I’m leaving the house. I can’t abandon the little one—that’s illegal! So I’ll drop him with a friend who owes me and then I’m leaving. I’ll just escape from the mess and it will cease to exist while I am somewhere else.

Oh, I’m not going shopping, that's too easy. I’m going to help someone move. I’ll pack, clean and organize their house.

Reality Bite: And I’ll be sure to make their bed.

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